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If you lose mental capacity at some point in the future then the only way that those caring for you could deal with your affairs would be to make an application to the Court of Protection to be appointed as your deputy.

This is both expensive (costing at least £1,500) and time-consuming (taking several months). It also limits the powers of your deputy.

You can make a property and affairs lasting power of attorney now which is a simple document allowing you to appoint one or more persons (attorneys) to deal with your financial affairs should you be mentally or physically incapable of doing so yourself in the future. This would allow your attorney(s) to oversee:

  • Buying or selling a house or other property
  • Dealing with your tax affairs
  • Operating bank and building society accounts
  • Claiming benefits for you

You can also make a health and welfare lasting power of attorney which allows your attorney(s) to make decisions on your behalf concerning your medical care and also your care and housing needs.

We offer fixed prices, wherever possible, for your peace of mind.
The prices below include a home visit (subject to distance) to discuss your requirements, but excludes VAT and the court registration fee of £82 (for each lasting power of attorney required.)

One lasting power of attorney | £400
Two lasting powers of attorney | £700


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