Probate fees on the rise


Changes to the way probate fees are calculated are on the horizon – and it’s not necessarily good news.

The proposed changes have been floating around for the last couple of years, but are now set to be introduced, with April 2019 a likely start date.

Under the current process, for all estates with a value over £5,000, there is a flat fee for Probate applications of £215 (or £155 if applying through a solicitor.) This fee is the same regardless of the size of the estate.

This seems sensible, as the work which has to be carried out by the Probate Office is similar regardless of the size of the estate.

However, under the new proposals, the fee will be set on a sliding scale which is linked to the estate’s value.

Whilst estates with a value of under £50,000 will not incur a fee, estates valued between £50,000 and £300,000 will be subject to a fee of £250 rising to a maximum of £6,000 for estates worth £2million or more.

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