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Everyone can remember their first interview and this will certainly be the case for some of the year 12 pupils of Crawshaw School this week.
I, along with our Head of Property Seema Gabbi, attended the first of two Interview Experience events as part of Pudsey Legal’s association with the Make the Grade programme which is run by the Ahead Partnership based in Leeds.
The event took place at the Leeds Trinity University in Horsforth and required the pupils (lower sixth formers in ‘old money’!) from Crawshaw School travelling under their own steam from Pudsey to Horsforth to attend the mock interview at a pre-arranged time. The pupils were also required to prepare a formal written application in advance of the interview which was for the position of ‘Account Administrator’.
"The pupils certainly made a great effort"
Each session took the form of a 20 minute formal interview for each pupil followed by a further 10 minutes to provide them with constructive feedback.
We were able to advise the pupils on such things as how they greeted us; their use of body language; their verbal skills and particularly on whether they tried to sell themselves for the position.
And how did they get on? Well, the pupils certainly made a great effort to arrive smart and punctual and if anything, they had undersold themselves on their application forms.

They were excellent communicators and talked freely about where they wanted to be in the future. I was very impressed to meet a budding entrepreneur and Seema also uncovered a judo star!
The second round of interviews shall take place on the 6th March when it will be Farzana’s turn to meet some more of Pudsey’s up and coming talent.
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