How to keep the peace after Christmas


Christmas can be a stressful time which can make or break relationships. Here, our family law department gives advice on how to cope if you’ve experienced relationship difficulties over the Christmas period.

“As well as the joy and happiness that Christmas brings, it can also bring a lot of stress and strain. Traditionally there is a rise in the number of people starting divorce proceedings in January after putting a brave face on things to get through the festivities. Spending long periods of time with family members and the financial cost of Christmas can sometimes bring things to a head. Celebrities are not immune and we saw Heidi Klum and Seal separate in January 2012 after nearly seven years of marriage whilst Russell Brand filed divorce papers on December the 30th 2011 to end his marriage to Katy Perry.

If you’ve found the festive period taxing on your relationship, here are some simple tips which might make all the difference in the New Year:

  • Once all the relatives have gone, plan some things to do together so that you have some quality time together
  • If you’ve had a hectic Christmas doing lots of entertaining, try and have a more relaxing new year so that you don’t continue to feel stressed
  • Find a new hobby to do together in the New Year, especially if one or both of you have the ‘back to work’ blues.


It’s a fact that Britain has the highest divorce rate in the European Union Latest figures show that the number of divorces in 2011 was highest among men and women aged 40 to 44, suggesting mid life crisis could also be a key factor driving marriage splits. If you feel as though you need some support and help with your marriage, think about mediation, which is a voluntary and confidential way to try and resolve disputes  with your partner.
Relate is a mediation organisation which has helped thousands of people to decide what is the best next step for them and their partner. They have over 30 years of experience and I often refer couples to Relate so that they can feel sure, with the support of impartial, objective advice and guidance, that they’ve done all they can to make the right decision about the future of their marriage.

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