Christmas gift of a Lasting Power of Attorney?


Making a Lasting Power of Attorney allows you, and your loved ones, the assurance that should you become unable to make decisions for yourself, the person or people you have chosen to make decisions for you will have the legal authority to do so.

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney, one for property and affairs, and the other for health and welfare.

Property and Affairs

This Lasting Power of Attorney allows one or more people of your choosing to manage your finances and, if applicable, your business affairs.  For instance, they will be able to pay your bills, deal with legal matters or make investments for you. If you wish, they could also deal with these things for you even if you are of sound mind as this may be more convenient for you – for example, if you are a little hard of hearing and struggle with telephone conversations, your Attorneys would have the authority to speak with organisations such as your bank or energy provider to deal with any queries

Health and Welfare

This type of Lasting Power of Attorney is used to make decisions about medical and personal care matters, and can only be used if you are unable to make such decisions yourself.  Your doctors and other health professionals will always do everything they can to assist you to make a decision yourself, but if this is not possible, your Health and Welfare Attorney will be the person (or people) to whom the health professionals will turn to make such decisions on your behalf.  This may be about things such as where you should live, whether a particular person should visit you (if perhaps someone has been known to upset you) or whether you should have a particular medical procedure.

To help you make this gift to your family, Pudsey Legal are offering a discount on Lasting Powers of Attorney not just for the 12 days of Christmas but until 12th January 2018.  A single Lasting Power of Attorney will cost £350, both types of Lasting Power of Attorney for the same person will cost £600, and if a couple both make both Lasting Powers of Attorney the cost will be £1,100 (these prices exclude VAT and the registration fees of up to £82 per document.)



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