Changes to the world of Personal Injury claims

The world of Personal Injury claims has been a hot topic for the last decade. Proposed changes to the small claims limit, changes to the way, and how much lawyers are paid, changes to the process for making claims have seen huge transformation. This is an industry which refuses to stand still.
However, recently the push for reform has become a highly publicised political football. Everybody has an opinion, most with a vested interest.
But what about the person who has been injured? What about the person who has been injured and needs treatment? What about the person who has been injured, needs treatment and is off work and receiving no pay?

Does this person deserve independent, expert advice or should they be left to fight for themselves?
Insurers claim to have the injured person’s best interests at heart. Yet as the representative of the person at fault and, thus, the party paying the compensation, it is easy to see their vested interest in paying as little as possible. After all, their first duty is to the shareholders not the injured person. Is it right that they should they act as judge, jury and executioner?
Equally, it is easy to see a similar argument that lawyers have a vested interest in wanting to fight to be paid as much as possible. The picture has been painted of personal injury solicitors as greedy ambulance chasers with publicity and advertisements everywhere you look.

Is it too late (or too naive) to ask for some common sense to prevail? Is this asking for utopia?
Now is the time for sensible heads to get together, or be banged if necessary, to agree a formula that ensures we work collaboratively for the benefit of the person who deserves a system which will deliver a fair, just and independent solution to a situation they did not ask for.
Now is the time for the bickering to stop and remember the PERSON central to the whole issue – the injured party.

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